By literally marrying their backgrounds, Jim’s love of farming with Angel’s culinary skills, the Kings are continuing to build on the foundation laid for them by past generations. And by extending their family farm operation to include cheese production in 2008, they took a major step toward sustaining Ohio's agricultural economy and promoting farming as a way of life for future generations. 

Blue Jacket Dairy, named after nearby Blue Jacket**Creek. west of Bellefontaine, Ohio. Bellefontaine is in ski-country near the site of Campbell Hill the highest elevation in Ohio. In Logan County, the air is fresh and clean, the people are friendly and it is a great place to farm and to raise a family. 

** Did you know that Blue Jacket was the war chief of the Shawnee Indians? On behalf of the Indians, Blue Jacket signed the Treaty of Greenville which ended the Indian Wars in Ohio and opened up the Northwest Territory for settlement. Ohio was the first state carved out of the Northwest Territory.


Cheese makers of feta, cheddar curds, quark and halloumi style Gretna Grilling