Angel King is the co-owner of Blue Jacket Dairy in Bellefontaine. Before diving headfirst into cheese making in 2008, she served eight years as the VP of Finance at Allegro, a technology services company in Dayton, Ohio. Angel also worked in Chicago and Virginia for 2 non-profit organizations which both focused on parental rights. In addition, she has managed several successful political campaigns. 

It took several years to turn the idea of transforming milk from their herd into artisan cheese. In 2008, Angel and her husband, Jim, opened their licensed cheese facility and made the first batch cheese. Her background in business management, entrepreneurship and human resources has equipped her to apply her skills and abilities in managing Blue Jacket’s operation.

Knowing that personal development is important, she makes time to include speaking and leadership skills training in her schedule. For nearly 2 years, she has been a member of the Hi-Point Toastmasters Club and is working through the Presentation Mastery pathway.  

She maintains a very full schedule with juggling the responsibilities of being a wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, youth leader and cheesemaker. As an avid reader, you will find her squeezing time in to read a significant number of books a year. This is one of the ways she has found that helps her to manage with the craziness of life by slowing the pace down and gleaning insights from books.