Blue Jacket Dairy
Ohio's leading producer of fresh artisan cheese

Jim King, a fourth generation dairy farmer, was raised on a dairy farm in rural Logan County. 

Twenty-nine years of continuous dairy production on a family farm demonstrates a long-standing commitment to producing a quality product for consumers as well as a solid base of understanding of the dairy industry. 

Jim has the expertise that comes from successfully managing a herd of Holstein cows and farming 192 acres of corn, 153 acres soybean, and 105 acres of hay for over a quarter of a century.  

By extending the family farm operation to include cheese production, the Kings took a major step toward sustaining Ohio's agricultural economy and promoting farming as a way of life for future generations.  Jim can be found hard at work in the "make room" - the place where Grade A milk is transformed into Blue Jacket's great-tasting high-quality cheese. Blue Jacket produces fresh curds, chevre, quark, feta, aged cheeses, and their signature cheese, the halloumi style Gretna Grilling cheese.