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FRESH OHIO CHEESE CURD, "the squeaky cheese" is cheese that hasn't been aged. An easy-to-love cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk. It is great for on-the-run snacking and in salads, or melt it on toast for a fantastic sandwich. Buttery and salty.  Best when served at room temperature. Flavors include:

  • PLAIN - Easy-to-love nutritious bite-sized treats. Great for snacking. Scrumptious and addictive. 

  • DILL - This cheese is for the dill-lovers of the world.  

  • RANCH - If you like ranch dressing, you will enjoy these bite-sized treats.  

  • FIRELANDS- Smoke-flavored fresh cheddar curds with a kick of chipotle pepper. Very popular.

  • GARLIC - Perfect for garlic lovers and as addition to your favorite dish.

  • HORSERADISH - An often requested flavor, sure to please the horseradish fans.

Ingredients: Milk, salt, enzymes, and rennet
Packaged in 1/2 pound deli-containers. 

Serve with apples, grapes, raisins, pretzels and nuts. Use in salads, alternated with fresh fruit on kabobs, or in recipes that call for cheddar.

"Heaven comes in little chunks - and squeaks when warm."
      -- Dave Esrati, Dayton, OH