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FRESH OHIO CHEESE CURD, "the squeaky cheese" is cheese that hasn't been aged. An easy-to-love cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk. It is great for on-the-run snacking and in salads, or melt it on toast for a fantastic sandwich. Buttery and salty.  Best when served at room temperature. Flavors include:

  • PLAIN - Easy-to-love nutritious bite-sized treats. Great for snacking. Scrumptious and addictive.

  • DILL - This cheese is for the dill-lovers of the world. 

  • RANCH - If you like ranch dressing, you will enjoy these bite-sized treats. 

  • FIRELANDS- Smoke-flavored fresh cheddar curds with a kick of chipotle pepper. Very popular.

  • GARLIC - Perfect for garlic lovers and as addition to your favorite dish.

  • HORSERADISH - An often requested flavor, sure to please the horseradish fans.

Ingredients: Milk, salt, enzymes, and vegetable rennet
Packaged in 1/2 pound deli-containers.

Serve with apples, grapes, raisins, pretzels and nuts. Use in salads, alternated with fresh fruit on kabobs, or in recipes that call for cheddar.

Pair with apple juice, cider, pale ales and lagers.           BUY

"Heaven comes in little chunks - and squeaks when warm."
      -- Dave Esrati, Dayton, OH