Feta means “slice” in Greek. Large blocks of pickled cheese are sliced into cakes and then held in brine until the cheese is served. The flavor of Blue Jacket's Farmhouse Feta is fresh, with a slightly tangy milky flavor that becomes more complex and peppery with age. 

Use feta as an appetizer, table cheese and in salads, pastries and in baking including spanakopita (spinach pie) tyropita (cheese pie), and feuilletes (puff pastry). Delicious with fresh tomatoes, olives, bread and wine; on baked potatoes, with watermelon, on scrambled eggs, or marinated in olive oil with herbs.

If desired, feta can be rinsed with water to reduce its natural saltiness.

Protect feta from exposure to air. Refrigerated in brine, feta will keep for a very long time. As aging progresses, the taste will become stronger.