GRETNA GRILLIN' is one of our signature cheeses. 

Gretna is a delicious (halloumi-style) easy-to-love cheese. It is a semi-soft, salty, buttery non-melting cheese made from pasteurized whole cow's milk. When browned in a sizzling hot skillet it forms a beautiful golden crust. Eat it grilled, baked, grated on pasta, or served with fruit. This cheese was named after a hamlet in Logan County.

Cooking tips. Cut into 3/4” slabs or cubes. Preheat pan to 350-375° Cook in a sizzling hot non-stick pan or a very lightly oiled pan for about 30 seconds, or less, until a light beautiful golden crust forms, flip with a toothpick and brown the other side. The inside will be warm and soft. Do not overcook.

Eat hot off the griddle, or serve with sweet onion, balsamic vinegar, strawberry-balsamic sauce, pasta, and fruit especially strawberries, figs and watermelon. Pairs well with high-acid white wine.

Ingredients:Milk, salt, enzymes, and vegetable rennet
Weight: Varies, typically between 8 and 16 oz.
Storage: Keep refrigerated. Can be frozen.                                       BUY