Quark is German for “curd.” This cheese is also known as topfen, bavaria, quarq, and kvang. Average central European consumption is 17 pounds per year, per person. Blue Jacket quark is a mild, creamy and versatile cheese made from pasteurized whole cow's milk. 

  • LEMON JEWEL - Our most popular breakfast cheese. Enjoy it with berries and a bagel or with jam on toast. Made with fresh lemon zest and a touch of sugar. Jewel is a reference to a monument on the ground of the Ohio Statehouse that honors 7 Ohio jewels.

  • SURE SHOT GARLIC - Named after Annie Oakley, this savory garlic flavored cheese hits the spot.  Excellent on crackers and with vegetables, especially baked potatoes (say "Goodbye" to sour cream). 

  • MOUNTAIN MIST QUARK - Natural flavor. Often used to make authentic German cheesecake and other fine pastries. 


Quark is commonly used in fine pastries and desserts; it is the essential ingredient authentic German cheesecake. It is also used as a substitute for sour cream, cottage cheese, cream cheese, yogurt and ricotta. Delicious with herbs, nuts, or garlic for a savory flavor, or with fruit or jam for a sweet flavor. Used in preparing soufflés, dressings, sauces, toppings, stuffing and dips and absolutely delicious on baked potatoes. Recommended cookbook: The Cheese Bible by Christian Teubner.

Quark Cheese - Saveur.com article

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